How to generate the permanent token in Cloud API?

1: If you have created an app in for Whatsapp Cloud API, a Facebook Test business manager account would have been created automatically.

2: Click on your Business Manager link associated with your Whatsapp Cloud API app.

3: After clicking on the Business Manager link, the Meta business setting page will be opened, select System users.

4: In System users, Click on Add button to create a system user.

5: Fill in the details such as System username as your business name and System user role as Admin

6: Click on Add Assets option

7: Select Apps > Name. Enable the Manage app option and click Save changes.

8: Assets will be added successfully.

9: Click on Generate New Token.

10: From the drop-down select your app name.

11: After selecting the app, a list of all available permission will be shown.

12: For WhatsApp cloud API, you need to select whatsapp_business_messaging  and whatsapp_business_management from the list and click on Generate Token.

13 : Once you click on generate a token, your permanent token will be generated. Save this token on your laptop/PC for integration purposes.

14: Now you need to verify your Facebook Business Manager to enjoy your services. Go to Business info and edit your business information like

Legal business name _______


Business phone number and proceed with the Business verification process.

Step 3: Complete WebHook set-up